You have been at the heart of our organisation for more than 70 years,
and we have offered our company values to you for your value creation.

Technical Values

Exacting standards and innovation are our requirements. Our knowledge of different state-of-the-art technologies enables us to adjust and customise to your needs by optimising the sustainability of your investments.

Human values

Responsiveness and skills are our ongoing concerns. A partner is an associate who gets involved and is invested personally in your projects and products, to establish them within reach of perfection, and harmonise all the relationships that result (taking account of the constraints, your needs, fluidity of relationships and taking care of your concerns).

Environnemental values

Look further ahead, think about tomorrow makes us progress on a daily basis. "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

AVENEL is a different kind of company, we are your Partner where the meaning of Services is your Well-Being!


Power. in our profession, Power is the energy transmitted by one system to another, and this is exactly what AVENEL implements on a day-to-day basis to meet your needs.

Our staff put their energies into making sure they are available to resolve your problems and bring your projects to fruition. So that our energy can contribute to your success



Speed. In theoretical physics, Speed is a measure of movement, and today all private and public organisations must keep on moving. AVENEL makes its contribution to Speed through the services offered for your transport and communication infrastructures, and through the responsiveness of its teams, dedicated to put your projects in motion.



Accuracy. Accuracy is not just what is demanded of a good clock. At each stage, the technical, financial and environmental aspects of your projects must be accurately identified. Our R&D offices, specialising by area, are available to you to bring their specific skills to your issues, and to adapt our products to your needs.



Efficiency. Efficiency is defined as being delivering the expected result by the specified deadline by reaching fixed objectives. Delivering and ensuring the correct operation of your installations while keeping within costs and meeting deadlines is our constant.commitment.
Beyond this simple requirement, Efficiency at AVENEL is also about works that have low environmental impact, and installations with improved energy efficiency.



Quality. With AVENEL, "gaining in quality" is not just about replacing an ageing infrastructure with high-performance equipment, it is not only the quality of the final result. It is also about implementation quality in executing your project: the quality of consultancy, quality of people and implementation techniques, and, of course, quality of communication, for smooth and transparent running of the project.